Blog 4 Burma: Common Feed

Blog4BurmaBlog 4 Burma ((Blog 4 Burma)) is a community blog project featuring bloggers from several European countries. The goal is to keep the political situation in Burma in the focus of the blogosphere after the Free Burma! campaign ((Free Burma!)). Because all contributions are published on the participants’ own blogs, we now introduced a common feed to keep all readers up to date.

The Blog 4 Burma coalition is the try to bundle the single efforts on the topic and to attract more attention via joint appearance. The international idea of the project has led to a team of bloggers coming from Germany, Austria, France and Andorra – while Thomas ((Zogam nuam)) is a native Burmese.
All contributions are published on the authors own blog – currently there are participants writing in German, French and English. To keep a view of all them is not easy. Therefore now we have a common feed which will exclusively contain articles on Burma.

With this feed, our goal is to enable everybody who is interested in the Burmese situation to follow our writings. Even though, we still hope to attract not just visitors, but also new authors for the “Blog 4 Burma Coalition”. Everybody who is interested may feel invited.

What can I do?

  • Write a mail to blog4burma [at] gmail [dot] com and become a member of the Blog4Burma coalition.
  • You do not own a blog, but still want to contribute? You may be the right to become an author for Blogger for Freedom. Please use our contact form.

2 Responses to Blog 4 Burma: Common Feed

  1. Je ne m’énerve pas, j’explique…

    B4B : Blog 4 Burma : Common Feed ; en anglais, puisque cette version existe aussi et m’est signalée par l’auteur qui, hélas, ne va pas assez au fond de sa logique en ne mentionnant pas certains grands blogs – comme Zintzen, par exemple …

  2. […] – wie hier und bei Blogger for Freedom deutsch und englisch extensiv ausgeführt – sich aktiv einklinken und dies per Mail an blog4burma [at] gmail [dot] com […]

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