Mandela’s “Elders”: Human rights campaign online

While celebrating the UN Human Rights Day ((Human Rights Day)) on December 10 the July-founded ((Mahmood’s Den: “The Elders”)) “Elders” ((The Elders)) have announced ((Global Voices Online: Happy Human Rights Day)) a online campaign to support human rights ((Every Human Has Rights)).

The Elders are thought as a worldwide moral authority, as Nelson Mandela stated before ((International Herald Tribune: Richard Branson forms a band of ‘Elders’ with Mandela, Carter, Tutu and others)):

“This group can speak freely and boldly, working both publicly and behind the scenes on whatever actions need to be taken,” the remarks state. “Together we will work to support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict, and inspire hope where there is despair.”

Together, the twelve Elders plus honorary member Aung San Suu Kyi have won six Nobel Peace Prizes and several other awards in appreciation of their work in favor of peace, freedom and human rights – more than enough to be accepted as moral authorities.

Starting the online campaign “Every Human Has Rights” ((Every Human Has Rights)) they want to remind of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ((Universal Declaration of Human Rights)). This declaration did never get ratified by the members of the UN, but is seen as accepted by these ((Wikipedia: Universal Declaration of Human Rights)).

Especially this value as a purely moral guideline is it, which raises the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to a question of honor. To emphasize its importance, the Elders call the world to sign the declaration. They hope to be able to present one billion signatures on December 10, 2008 – a highly ambitious goal, but still more than five billion signatures to few for these ground rules of human behavior. Would it be followed in its meaning this world would be happier. Therefore, Blogger for Freedom engages everybody to sign this petition.

What can I do?

  • Sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – and acknowledge it.

2 Responses to Mandela’s “Elders”: Human rights campaign online

  1. This is my first visit to you blog,it is nice to see somebody from Germany defending human rights everywhere

  2. Thank you very much! I take it with Carl Schurz, who once stated: “If you want to be free, there is but one way; it is to guarantee an equally full measure of liberty to all your neighbors. There is no other.” That’s why liberty in Egypt or Fiji or the United States has the same value to me.

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