More on arrested Burmese blogger Nay Phone Latt

Blog4BurmaYesterday, Burmese blogger Nay Phone Latt was arrested at a Rangoon internet cafe ((Blogger for Freedom » Burmese blogger arrested)). Now some of the supposed reasons behind the detention were reported by the media.

As news magazine The Irrawady reports, the blogger Nay Phone Latt is a young businessman named Nay Myo Latt. He is, according to The Irrawady, the owner of three internet cafes in different suburbs of Rangoon ((The Irrawady » Burmese Regime Strikes at Bloggers)). As friends of Latt told the media, he had been observed by the police for at least one year – and knew about the risk he lived at.

But though Nay Phone Latt published mostly novel-style posts about arts and youth culture in Burma on his blog, political statements on seem to have been his undoing. However, Latt is also a member of the leading oppositional party, Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, which reported Latt and a fellow party member being charged with serious crimes against internet restriction. Having said that, Latt’s detention seems to be more a threat to the opposition than the critical bloggers – though the junta may not care much about differentiations like this.

Despite their is no doubt of the serious repressions against internet users, there seems to be no special trend to go underground after Nay Phone Latt’s detention among the Burmese bloggers. The news about bloggers fleeing or going into hiding had been spread yesterday ((Mizzima News » Burmese bloggers hide from police)), but was contradicted for instance by a comment of Burmese blogger BarNyar on our last article dealing with Latt’s case ((Blogger for Freedom » Comments on “Burmese blogger arrested”)). Also, media could not tell any concrete informations about the bloggers gone underground. But that the ones who still dare to openly criticize the regime take a high risk on them is an undeniable truth.


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