One week for Fouad

February 10 marks the end of Fouad Al-Farhan’s (( second month in prison. Therefore, his friends call for “Fouad’s week” to fulfill his only wish before he was arrested: Not to be forgotten in jail. But before, a rally in Washington D.C. reminds of the locked up Saudi.

Today, on February 9, Fouad’s supporters from the HAMSA ((HAMSA)) will hold a vigil in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. to protest for Fouad’s release ((Free Fouad » Free Fouad Al-Farhan)). But that’s just the prequel to “Fouad’s week” initiated by his friends of the Free Fouad campaign ((Free Fouad » Fouad’s week)). Under the motto “We are all Fouads”, the initiators call the supporting bloggers to post a text by Fouad in memory of his detention. From February 9 on, the participants shall copy one of Fouad’s blog postings – either daily for a week’s time or just one single post. This is to keep the arrested in the focus of the bloggers, so that Fouad’s only wish – not to be forgotten in jail – gets fulfilled.

What can I do?

Demonstrate: Saturday, February 9, 2008 form 13:00-14:45 / in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC (601 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington, DC 20037)

Participate: Copy one of Fouad’s postings – either from his old blog or the new one. Don’t forget to trackback this post of Free Fouad, so they can count the number of participants.


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