After the worldwide “Free Burma!” campaign Simon and Nimue had the same idea: The vision of a platform by bloggers for freedom, which coordinates and covers actions and informations about crises all over the world.

Our intention is the sensitize bloggers, activate and gather them to help those who in our world are forgotten to easy. We want to show those fighting for freedom all over the world that they are not alone.

This is not a matter of religion, political belonging, race or gender, it is only about supporting freedom, human and civil rights all over the world.

Our motto is, after German poet Heinrich Böll: “If one does not use freedom, it gets ruined. This also – and especially – applies to the freedom of expression.” Blogger for Freedom is meant as a contribution to defend freedom from decline, if in our neighborhood or at the other side of the world:

We will shout: “Not that way!” over and over again.

Everyone who feels motivated may feel encouraged to join us. Every voice is important, every voice is necessary.


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