Ahmed Mohsen


Name: Ahmed Mohsen
Nationality: Egypt
Arrested: 01 Dez 07
Blog: eyestillopen (Arabic)
Campaign: 1000 Bloggers
Committee to Protect Bloggers: Ahmed Mohsen


Ahmed Mohsen is an Egyptian member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a blogger.

An outspoken anti-torture activist, Mohsen is the moderator of the blog named “eyestillopen.” He was reportedly one of the first to expose the torture case of Mohamed Gomaa Al Dahshouri, who died shortly after allegedly having been beaten at a local police station in Fayoum. ((The Free Copts » Egyptian Police Accused of Torturing Citizen to Death in Fayoum))

Furthermore, Mohsen helped arrange a press conference for the victim’s family at the Bar Association in Cairo along with members of the anti-torture movement Egyptians Against Torture. He also inspired the establishment of Freedom for Fayoum, a gathering of bloggers and human rights activists in the area. ((Daily News Egypt » Online Campaign Supports Detained Blogger))

In early December 2007, Mohsen was arrested during a crackdown on members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is illegal in Egypt. Mohsen was held at Tora prison. After three weeks, his detention was expanded for another 15 days. By then, a campaign called “1000 Bloggers” ((1000 Bloggers)) was started to support him. ((monem-press » A memo in solidarity with detained blogger Ahmed Mohsen))

Official sources linked Mohsen’s arrest to his membership in a banned organization. Others doubted that, preferring to see Mohsen’s activism playing a key role in his detention.


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