Amr Gharbeia


Name: Amr Gharbeia
Nationality: Egypt
Arrested: 29 May 07
Blog: حَوْلِيَّاتُ صَاحِبِ الأشْجَارِ (Arabic)


Amr Gharbeia is a leftist Egyptian blogger.

On May 29, 2007, he was interrogated by a prosecutor on charges of libel. The interrogation lasted for two hours and half, after which Amr was released on a LE200 bail.
The prosecutor tried to force Gharbeia into handing out the IP addresses of readers who posted comments on his blog, but he refused. ((IkhwanWeb » Blogger interrogated; released on bail))

Gharbeia was told that he would be further interrogated later, but after his interrogation was delayed twice it was finally suspended. The case was decided against judge Mourad, who had requested the block of 51 Egyptian websites on behalf of libel. ((3arabawy » Judge Mourad’s request to block websites rejected))


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