Urooj Zia


Name: Urooj Zia / UZi / Bolshevik
Nationality: Pakistan
Arrested: 20 Nov 07
Blog: Co-blogging at Metroblogging Karachi
Committee to Protect Bloggers: Pakistani Blogger Arrested, Released


Urooj Zia is a journalist from the Daily Times in Pakistan and a blogger under the name UZi. She was one of the leaders of the “Don’t block the blog” campaign ((Help Pakistan | Don’t block the blog)) as well as of November 2007’s protests against the martial law installed by President Musharraf ((Committee to Protect Bloggers | Pakistani Blogger Arrested, Released)) and participated in the following demonstrations. When the police cracked down on the peaceful demonstrators, Zia got arrested together with a couple of other journalists ((Teeth Maestro | All journalists at docks police station released)), but was released after 4 hours.


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