Rallies and Articles for Kareem Amer

February 17, 2008

Kareem AmerOn February 22, it’s the first anniversary of the jail sentence against Egyptian Kareem Amer ((Blogger for Freedom » Arrested bloggers: Kareem Amer)). Arrested since November 6, 2006 the blogger was sentenced to four years in prison for defaming Allah and President Mubarak. He shall not be forgotten: It’s time for new rallies.

Since his detention, Kareem has suffered in prison. He has been threatened, even tortured ((Free Kareem! » Kareem is being tortured in prison)) – and still says that “prison didn’t change him” ((Free Kareem! » Prison didn’t change me: Kareem Amer)).

The “Free Kareem” campaign ((Free Kareem!)) is for sure the most famous of numerous groups supporting arrested bloggers. Dozens of rallies have been held worldwide, attracting a high media attention on the young Egyptian’s case. To keep up the good work, they call for an “op-ed day” on February 22 as well as for another three rallies in support of Kareem.

“Op-ed” stands for opinion / editorial – and that’s the part of a paper we’re as many as possible articles on Kareem shall be published on February 22. The Free Kareem! group, lead by Esra’a Al-Shafei of Mideast Youth ((Mideast Youth – Thinking Ahead)), is trying to convince journalists and authors from all over the world of writing an article on Kareem Amer. But also bloggers are called for participation – every supportive word is needed.

But words are just one part of the protest: There will also be rallies in three different cities. In Washington D. C., London and Paris supporters of Kareem Amer will hold demonstrations for the freedom of the young Egyptian and, through that, the freedom of expression in Egypt and all over the world. They wont be the first and they hopefully wont be the last demonstrations for Kareem, continuing a long row of rallies in more than a dozen cities of the world.

What can I do

No matter where, you can publish an article on Kareem’s case. If it’s your blog, a student paper or an internationally published magazine – every single word counts.
You may also attend one of the three rallies held for Kareem Amer in Washington D.C., London and Paris.


One week for Fouad

February 9, 2008

February 10 marks the end of Fouad Al-Farhan’s ((alfarhan.org)) second month in prison. Therefore, his friends call for “Fouad’s week” to fulfill his only wish before he was arrested: Not to be forgotten in jail. But before, a rally in Washington D.C. reminds of the locked up Saudi.

Today, on February 9, Fouad’s supporters from the HAMSA ((HAMSA)) will hold a vigil in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. to protest for Fouad’s release ((Free Fouad » Free Fouad Al-Farhan)). But that’s just the prequel to “Fouad’s week” initiated by his friends of the Free Fouad campaign ((Free Fouad » Fouad’s week)). Under the motto “We are all Fouads”, the initiators call the supporting bloggers to post a text by Fouad in memory of his detention. From February 9 on, the participants shall copy one of Fouad’s blog postings – either daily for a week’s time or just one single post. This is to keep the arrested in the focus of the bloggers, so that Fouad’s only wish – not to be forgotten in jail – gets fulfilled.

What can I do?

Demonstrate: Saturday, February 9, 2008 form 13:00-14:45 / in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC (601 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington, DC 20037)

Participate: Copy one of Fouad’s postings – either from his old blog or the new one. Don’t forget to trackback this post of Free Fouad, so they can count the number of participants.